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Survey Says …

I would like to say that my experience with Management one via Rick DeAzevedo, leasing agent, has been great! Mr. DeAzevedo has been honest, professional, informative, and helpful. I recommend Management One to anyone I know that is looking for a place to live. Noel Allen

Are Your Real Estate Assets Secure?

Residential properties can produce lucrative rewards for investors, but such investments also bring liability risks. If you’re sued for an occurrence related to your property, such as an accident or even a nonrelated incident, a legal judgment in favor of the plaintiff could wipe our your assets: properties you own, bank accounts, and personal property. […]

New Year, New Job: Resolve to Be Your Own Boss

Do you dream of owning your own business? The lure of being your own boss is very compelling, but the thought of managing all the related tasks can be daunting. But what if you could hand off those tasks to an automated system that allows you to grow your business and have time to enjoy your profits? […]

Just Say No … to Property Management by Spreadsheet

In this high-tech age, you might find it surprising that property management is commonly done manually, using tools such as Excel spreadsheets. In fact, 53% of apartment complex property managers surveyed by Software Advice use manual methods to manage their properties versus 33% who use property management software. Spreadsheet shortcomings As you continue to grow […]

From Generating Cash Flow to Building Wealth

You’ve performed a careful property analysis for your investor client, who has obtained the necessary financing and acquired a single-family property to generate income. This is the first step in wealth building, using the buy and hold formula as described in the book “HOLD: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth.” Your client’s next […]

Survey Says …

We just wanted to let Management One know that we had a good experience when Dante came to do our inspection. He was very nice and professional to work with. What a great representative to have for your company. Please thank him for us. Thank you, The Claboughs

When Can You Cancel Your Mortgage Insurance?

As a rental property investor, you know that your lender requires mortgage insurance in certain cases. Here’s a quick rundown of mortgage insurance requirements: Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan programs require mutual mortgage insurance (MMI) for loans with a less than 20% down payment or a greater than 80% loan to value (LTV) ratio. Conventional […]

Add a Low-Effort Income Stream to Your Retirement Plan

As a real estate broker, you help investors buy rental properties. It’s a win-win arrangement: You get the commission, your investors get ongoing income to fund their retirement accounts — Whoa! Funding their retirement accounts? What if you could continue to get residual income from that sale or even get another income stream from a […]

The Cure for Property Management Phobia

The continuing high demand for rental housing makes residential real estate a profitable investment choice. The downside of the rental property boom is that the more properties in your clients’ investment portfolios, the more properties they have to manage. That may sound like a good problem to have, but for many potential investors, it’s what […]

Is That Investment Property Worth Buying?

When you’re evaluating a residential property’s value as a potential investment, there are three numbers that you should pay attention to: the property’s target purchase price, its projected rental income, and the estimated expenses of owning the property. Together, these numbers let you determine the property’s net operating income (NOI) and cash flow. You’ll use […]

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